Coaching & Guided Tours


Following each freediver course, I will be offering students the optional opportunity to add an additional day of guided spring exploration before getting back to their weekly grind!!

Each spring has its own unique character. Come discovery the many stunning springs North Florida has to offer!

North Florida is home to what geologists estimate to be the greatest concentration of freshwater springs on the planet!! Whether you’d like to simply relax and immerse yourself in these natural gems, or learn a little more about their history & current threats, joining a guided tour will afford you the perfect opportunity to see the ‘Real Florida’.

The exact itinerary for each guided springs tour will be developed based on the student’s input and local weather conditions. A typical guided tour day might consist of 2-3 springs and will be held from roughly 9 am – 3 pm. Guided tour fees are $50 US per student.

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Personalized coaching sessions are perfect for any freediver looking to achieve greater depths and longer breath-holds. If you are a certified freediver (level 1 or higher), my one-on-one coaching sessions are the perfect next step for fine-tuning your skills and improving your overall performance!

Beginning with a questionnaire to identify strengths, weaknesses as well as identify your personal goals, we will work to create a tailored training schedule that meets your individual needs.

If you are interested in one-on-one coaching please contact me at for rates and availability.