Want To Learn How To Freedive With Me?

Hey my freediving and underwater lovvies!

I’ve been spending far too long training and competing around the world with some of the best freedivers and spearfishing gurus out there, and the time is now for me to settle down.

I’ve picked a place in the West Coast of Australia where I’ll be basing my operations from, offering all of you the chance to come diving with me. There’s just something incredible about the reef here that has me going gaga for all the fish, diving with the whale sharks and spending as much time as I can, freediving in the ocean I love.

If you want to pick my brains, or try your hand at the incredible sport of freediving, all you need to do is reach out on the contact form, and this is where you’ll find me…

Want to learn how to freedive

Panglao Training Diary – Pt. 2

Hi all of my freediving fans! I’m currently resting up while a little freediving comp is being run here in Panglao, so while all the other freedivers are pushing their limits in front of the judges, I thought it’d be the perfect time for a mojito and some writing!

I’ve been bouncing up and down, but last week I finally hit my target depth, 70 meters constant weight!! Woooooo hoo! I’ve been pushing this for weeks and I’m so happy I already hit the goal I set all the way back at the start of the season!!!

Conditions for the day were a tad challenging, despite the clear and sunny weather the wind had picked up which made it rough as we prepared for our dives. But we were all buzzing, everyone I was diving with had already hit their own PB’s over the last few days and we we’re all almost building off each others energy. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being in the water when it’s electric like this, but it’s incredibly satisfying.

As I headed over from the warm up line to the deep line I slipped on my monofin and began to mentally prepare for the dive. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was planning a small dive or try to push it all the way to the plate, but then I knew. I wasn’t ready just yet and I decided this one would be just a ‘mental prep dive’ and I’d turn for the surface once I hit down past 45 or 55. So I took a sec, breathed up accordingly and started my descent.

But as the surface faded from view and my mind shifted to the drumming beat of eack fin as I kicked towards the bottom, I relaxed, and realized this was it.

I was comfortable, everything was just like Goldilocks. The timing was right, my rhythm was right, I’d even done a perfect “mouthfill” so I decided to keep going. AND I HIT MY FREAKING 7) OH YEAH BABY! After almost a month of struggling to that plate, when my fingers hit the metal I felt on top of the world. It was exhilarating.

Since the dive that day I’ve done several more training dives, and one more that I was able to push to 70 meters as well, but I think for the moment this is where I’ll be stopping. I’m just not ready to go deeper, physically, and mentally.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, and I’ve got to work on my mouthfill, my flexibility and my stamina if I want to keep pushing deeper, and get to that next milestone. The elusive number 75. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying on this trip, and I cannot wait to see what limits I can reach in these last few days. Tomorrow I’ve got a rest day, and then we’re back on the deep blue this coming Monday with one of my buddies who actually runs a fantastic spearfishing blog (nudge: CHECK IT OUT).

Until next time my water lovvies, dive safe and stay smiling. Mwahhh 😘 😘 😘 

Sandy striking a pose before we head out offshore to push our freedive limits (yet again)
My personal pet hate in the ocean, these bad boys. Watch out when you’re freediving!!
Returning to shore after a wonderful day blasting my freediving records “out of the water” LOLLLL

My Top 5 Freediving Destinations of 2016

Heyyyy my water lovvies! This has been an absolutely incredible year and I’ve been blessed to travel to some of the best freediving sites in the world, to enjoy this incredible sport as a competitive freediver. But you keep asking me which are my favorites, so I’ve decided to do a quick round-up post and give you my top 5 freediving destinations. Each of these wonderful places has something truly unique about it, and you can’t even compare between them. There’s all just fantastic! (I’ll leave it to you to decide which is the best freediving destination)!!

1. Tulamben, Bali

There’s no shortage of wrecks to freedive on all over the world, but the USAT Liberty in Tulamben Bali is a favorite of mine. Not only is it easily accessible from the shore, the water is always warm, the depths aren’t too crazy (it ranges form 5-30 meters) and there’s so much live flooding around the wreck, it’s truly incredible.

The ship was originally a cargo ship that was damaged by the Japanese, it was towed to Bali in 1942, finally settling in the spot it is now after a local volcano erupted, and pushed it into the sea near Tulamben village. You’ll see some of the most gorgeous water in the world, as well as big barracuda, moray eels, and plenty of hard (and soft) coral colonies. For freediving, this is an unmissable destination, so GO NOW!

Freediving in the open ocean near one of my favorite freediving sites, the USAT Liberty Wreck
Gliding deeper and deeper with my freediving fins on this freedive near the USAT Liberty Wrecj

2. Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao needs to be on your bucket list of the worlds best freediving locations because it’s just awesome. Get in and freedive amongst whale sharks, bright and lively coral reefs and all the wonderful marine life Thailand has to offer. You’ll find Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand, and it’s well known by freedivers the world over for the white sand beaches, turquise blue water and steep and rugged cliffs.

There’s 25 different dive sites to explore, including the HTMA Sattakut Wreck that’s an easy 30 meters freedive down, it really is paradise if you enjoy tropical island life, plenty of coconuts and the sunsets the island has become famous for. There’s not much that Koh Tao doesn’t offer for a freediver like me!!

Heading out to our freediving sites for the day in Koh Tao…
As close as we could get freediving to this massive underwater beauty, she was interested in us, but wouldn’t come closer (probably a smart thing to avoid people tho am I right?)
Winding down after a day of freediving and enjoying the sunset in Koh Tao

3. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

In what’s easily one of the most recognizable dive sites in the world, the Great Blue Hole is a freedivers paradise. Pluging to a terrifyingly deep 124 meters, it’s perfect for every freediver, whether you’re a beginner or someone learning to push the limits and get a little deeper, like I am. The water when we went was absolutely crystal, and I can’t wait till I get a chance to go back. It was incredibbbbbble!

Here’s a birds eye shot of the great blue hole we freedived in off the coast of Belize
Cute little turtle popped in to say hello on one of my warmup dives before we started freediving at depth
Enjoying a lazy morning and working on my tan after a long day on the boat freediving yesterday

4. The Blue Hole, Egypt

As one of the most famous freediving sites in Egypt, the Blue Hole is just outside of Dahab. Essentially, it’s just a giant sinkhole that plummets to a whopping 110 meters deep. Perfect for practicing your depth, as the water is crystal-clear and almost glassy calm. There’s also a TON of marine life around, especially at the saddle, one of the most famous dive sites here as you get literally flooded with schools of bright tropical fish. Plus, beginners can swim out from the beach, so it’s super accessible!!

Getting excited on my first time freediving in Dahab at the Blue Hole
Pausing for a minute to enjoy the calm before I start my next freediving attempt…

5. West End, Grand Bahama Island

If you know anything about freediving, there’s a particular reason all of my freediving friends recommend getting in the water off West End in Grand Bahama. Here’s a hint, the “other” name for this beach is Tiger Beach, because, you guessed it, there are a whole host of tiger sharks that call this particular dive site home. It’s the biggest draw that gets freedivers like me coming back again and again, because when you’re freediving with giants of the deep like this, it’s COMPLETELY mind blowing.

A combination of awe, fear and seeing these terrors of the deep up close was like experiencing my deepest childhood nightmares and dreams all in one go. Though I do need to warn you, freediving here isn’t for the faint-hearted, and definitely not somewhere I would recommend a beginner who is still learning to freedive to do. SHUDDERS as I remember, I really wanted a speargun in my hands just to feel safe, but I doubt it’d even phase one of these monsters if they really wanted a piece of me!.

Freediving with these monstrous Tiger sharks in the Bahamas
It’s not just me who runs out of breath fast when there’s Tiger Sharks circling us freedivers!!

7 Reasons to Start Freediving

Heeyyyy my water lovvies!

If you’re new to freediving or just wondering how you can get started freediving, I’ve got some good news. There’s a whole lot of perks to freediving, but you may also be wondering why in the HELL do these people submit their body’s to this kind of torture.

In fact, if you’re wondering this, you’re NOT alone, I get asked this questions all the time. Like literally, whenever I tell someone I’m a freediver and I explain what that means, their eyes generally go wide in shock…

But for me, I love freediving. It’s something I’ve grown to love over the last several years, but when I think about it, here are all the reasons I love freediving.

1. Its a Powerful Natural High…

Seriously, the deeper you go, the more intense the feelings. As you push your body to the limits, you experience natural chemical reactions that anyone who has ever done an extreme sport will attest to. The endorphins that get released as your body fights and screams for air are the best natural high you can get.

2. It Gets You Closer to Marine Life…

Ok this one probably isn’t a real fact, but in my experience I’ve found animals are more inclined to come and take a look at you when you’re not completely decked out in SCUBA gear and are clanking and banging around, making bubbles and a whole heap of noise. When you’re freediving, it’s like you’re part of their world, not some alien visitor that’s geared up to venture into it. So they come check you out.

3. You Learn to Listen to Your Body

With every extra meter you dive, you need to learn to listen to your body, pushing past the physical and mental barriers that you’ve always thought would hold you back. You have got to stay perfectly in tune with your body, knowing when to dive deeper stretching for that elusive freedive personal best, or to cut your losses and turn for the surface. It’s almost like meditation, and one I’ve not found in any other sport. The silence, the calm, and the serentiy when you’re freediving is unparalleled in this world.

4. It’s sexy AF

C’mon I know you agree with me here. There’s something primal about pushing your body into uncharted waters, armed only with a pair of fins, a mask and maybe a speargun. You’re setting world records, you’re enjoying the natural world in one of the most eco-friendly ways possible, and you’re wearing a neoprene suit of armor, or perhaps just a sexy bikini and you’re all tanned and toned up. It is sexy AF.

5. You Learn to Breathe

One of the perks of freediving is breath control. Want to know what other form of exercise focuses on breathing? Yoga. But instead of being stuck in a dank smelly room, you’re exploring the depths of the ocean. And mastering breathing is a great way to manage stress, because while everything youy learn for freediving is designed to keep you underwater for longer, you can recycle these same breathing techniques when you want to regain a little control and calm in your life. Need to manage a screaming baby on a flight? Slow down, and breaaaaaathe.

6. You Meet Amazing People

Seriously. When you start meeting the other people this sport attracts, you’ll start networking and getting to know some of the most fascinating people in the world. These are people who have been living out their own person best lives for decades, and have a wealth of experience I can only ever hope to match one day.

7. You Get to See the World

Finally, and probably most importantly, is the destinations. When you’re jumping from spot to spot, you suddenly have direction. Instead of visiting the same old places that have been done to death, filled with millions of tourists a year, you’re exploring uncharted waters. Places only a few people have seen before, experiencing the world through your own eyes. It’s the perfect excuse to travel more.

And that’s it my lovvies. All of my favorite reasons YOU should start learning how to freedive today. If you’ve got your own reasons why, do tell me below, I’d love to hear about it!!