About Performance Freediving

Why choose PFI?

Performance Freediving International (PFI) is the longest running Freedive Certification agency in North America and second longest worldwide! Since its formation in 2000, PFI instructors have taught more than 10,000 people to Freedive Safer, Longer and Deeper. This includes a long eclectic list of personnel (see letter linked below) including A-list movie stars, extreme athletes, executives, adaptive divers, spear fishermen and women, competitors and non-water Olympic athletes!

CWT_VertBlue2016-Daan-VerhoevenOn the land-based training front, our organization is highly involved with the leading scientists and doctors in medicine regarding Hyperbaric Chambers, Physiology/kinesiology and biology – in other words, we are highly involved in the advancement of our sport and its scientific implications. Thus, the company has been a leader in developing the highest educational and safety standards in the industry. Not only are we rigorous about student safety, we are adamant about instructors making sure there is ample opportunity for any type of diver to learn, allowing us to appeal to a much wider audience. We hope you will join us! Please read more in a letter from PFI founder, CEO Kirk Krack, who explains in-depth what truly sets PFI’s instructors apart from all others!