Want To Learn How To Freedive With Me?

Hey guys! After training and competing around the world with some of the greatest freedivers out there, I’m finally settling down in North Florida and I will be offering up my hard-earned knowledge to those who wish to try their hand at this incredible sport! Is this exciting or what!?

Fear not! There will be ZERO jellyfish slime trails where we’ll be diving! :p

That’s right guys, I’ll be bringing my 8 years of competitive diving experience to each course, and there’s no better place to become a certified freediver than in the crystal clear Florida springs! With a maximum 1:5 teacher to student ratio, you’re guaranteed to get personalized instruction and plenty of time on the dive line. To top it off, my courses will be held over 3 days (most are only 2-2.5 days!) which will guarantee each student is properly able to absorb and put into practice all of the concepts and techniques introduced during each session!

The courses will start in March and will take place in north Florida’s stunning spring country near Branford, High Springs, and Alachua. Each course will run from Thursday to Saturday, leaving students the optional opportunity to add an additional day (Sunday) of guided spring exploration before getting back to their weekly grind!!

Favorite Place
Joining a personalized guided springs tour is the perfect way to celebrate completing your course – not to mention the best way to take advantage of learning in the heart of springs country!

The exact itinerary for each guided springs tour will be developed based on the student’s input and local weather conditions. A typical guided tour day might consist of 2-3 springs and will be held from roughly 9 am – 3 pm.

For more information and to sign up for an upcoming course, click here.

To learn more about my guided springs tours, click here.

Each spring has its own unique character.
Some are best on sunny days, while others offer a unique moodiness on overcast days.
Some are deep…
And others shallow with abundant wildlife!
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One Reply to “Want To Learn How To Freedive With Me?”

  1. your story is interesting, inspiring. Diving was always on my list of to try. now its too late. Pushing 68 and would not pass physical. Thanks for sharing.


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