Panglao Training Diary – Pt. 2

Hi guys! For the next 2 days there is a nice mini-competition here in Panglao, so while the other divers are trying their hand in front of the judges, I’m taking a few rest days. Perfect time to catch up on some writing!

Last week was a great one, after some ups and downs I’ve finally managed to reach my goal for the season – 70 meters constant weight! Wooo! 😀

The day of the target dive was clear and sunny, with fairly high winds that gave us a somewhat challenging surface swell. There was good energy all around as everyone diving prior to my attempt had succeeded at hitting new PB’s – it’s always fun to be in the water when other divers are living in the joy of a new personal goal being reached!

Once I’d moved from the warm up line to the deep line I donned my monofin and began preparing for my dive, not yet sure in my mind if I would do one last small dive or if I would go all the way to the plate. As I began taking my final breath I decided I would simply do a little ‘mental prep dive’ and turn somewhere between 45 and 55, so I breathed up accordingly. However, after leaving the surface and focusing on the beat of the fin with each kick, I relaxed into my dive and made up my mind that this was it. Everything felt comfortable, the timing, the rhythm, my “mouthfill”. And so it was. Success!!! After a month of ups and downs I finally touched the plate at 70 meters – and on top of that (cheeeeee!) it felt great!

Since then I’ve done several other training dives, including another 70 meter dive but I’m not quite ready to move deeper just yet. I’ve got some work cut out for me and need to focus a little bit more on flexibility and my mouthfill before I can start making my way closer to the 75 meter mark. Time is flying by way too fast here, but I cannot wait to see what these last days will bring. One more day to rest then it’s back to the blue on Monday!

Until next time water-lovers, happy dives ^__^

Doljo Beach 001
Doljo Beach – our current training location. Not bad! =)
Boat Ride 001
Riding back from the training site located just a few hundred meters off shore.
Breathe Up 001
Breathing up for a constant weight dive. “Lanyard on!” :p
MyPersonalChef 001
Check out this beautiful entry at Personal Che’f – one of the restaurants we visited last week and another favorite to add to the list!

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