Panglao Training Diary – Pt. 2

Hi all of my freediving fans! I’m currently resting up while a little freediving comp is being run here in Panglao, so while all the other freedivers are pushing their limits in front of the judges, I thought it’d be the perfect time for a mojito and some writing!

I’ve been bouncing up and down, but last week I finally hit my target depth, 70 meters constant weight!! Woooooo hoo! I’ve been pushing this for weeks and I’m so happy I already hit the goal I set all the way back at the start of the season!!!

Conditions for the day were a tad challenging, despite the clear and sunny weather the wind had picked up which made it rough as we prepared for our dives. But we were all buzzing, everyone I was diving with had already hit their own PB’s over the last few days and we we’re all almost building off each others energy. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being in the water when it’s electric like this, but it’s incredibly satisfying.

As I headed over from the warm up line to the deep line I slipped on my monofin and began to mentally prepare for the dive. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was planning a small dive or try to push it all the way to the plate, but then I knew. I wasn’t ready just yet and I decided this one would be just a ‘mental prep dive’ and I’d turn for the surface once I hit down past 45 or 55. So I took a sec, breathed up accordingly and started my descent.

But as the surface faded from view and my mind shifted to the drumming beat of eack fin as I kicked towards the bottom, I relaxed, and realized this was it.

I was comfortable, everything was just like Goldilocks. The timing was right, my rhythm was right, I’d even done a perfect “mouthfill” so I decided to keep going. AND I HIT MY FREAKING 7) OH YEAH BABY! After almost a month of struggling to that plate, when my fingers hit the metal I felt on top of the world. It was exhilarating.

Since the dive that day I’ve done several more training dives, and one more that I was able to push to 70 meters as well, but I think for the moment this is where I’ll be stopping. I’m just not ready to go deeper, physically, and mentally.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, and I’ve got to work on my mouthfill, my flexibility and my stamina if I want to keep pushing deeper, and get to that next milestone. The elusive number 75. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying on this trip, and I cannot wait to see what limits I can reach in these last few days. Tomorrow I’ve got a rest day, and then we’re back on the deep blue this coming Monday with one of my buddies who actually runs a fantastic spearfishing blog (nudge: CHECK IT OUT).

Until next time my water lovvies, dive safe and stay smiling. Mwahhh 😘 😘 😘 

Sandy striking a pose before we head out offshore to push our freedive limits (yet again)
My personal pet hate in the ocean, these bad boys. Watch out when you’re freediving!!
Returning to shore after a wonderful day blasting my freediving records “out of the water” LOLLLL

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