Panglao Training Diary – Pt. 1

Today marks week 4 of training here in Panglao island. It has been an unusually challenging month of training for me here in the Philippines as I’ve been having a difficult time adapting mentally and physically to depth after nearly a year without deep training.

One particularly challenging day stands out above the rest – when I was unable to even get past 34 meters and twice made an early turn before I even hit 20! Ha! That being said, the conditions here are quite amazing – it’s almost impossible to not appreciate the calm, deep waters just off the coast – and despite the associated allergies I get with overcast days, the summer rains give the training sessions a palpable energy that I absolutely love.

Surface Shot 002

Today was one such day, but despite having a little more wind, waves, and rain than has been usual, today’s training dives all came together like magic. None of the sinus issues, pressure triggers, or mental blocks that had been plaguing me on previous dives were present, and the depths just came naturally. My only regret was not setting the line deeper! While waiting for my last dive attempt I began to shiver so I thought I’d better play it safe and not reach for a new PB (personal best). However, in spite of the chill, the dive was as comfortable as can be, and when I hit the bottom plate at the end of the line I still had air to spare for further equalization! Pushing back to the surface I decided to keep my arms down by my sides so I could work my legs a bit more, and once I reached the surface I was all smiles knowing that the 70 meter mark was well within my sights!

CWT 001

Tomorrow marks yet another training day so I’m really hoping to have a new PB by lunch. Fingers and toes crossed! :p


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