7 Reasons to Start Freediving

Heeyyyy my water lovvies!

If you’re new to freediving or just wondering how you can get started freediving, I’ve got some good news. There’s a whole lot of perks to freediving, but you may also be wondering why in the HELL do these people submit their body’s to this kind of torture.

In fact, if you’re wondering this, you’re NOT alone, I get asked this questions all the time. Like literally, whenever I tell someone I’m a freediver and I explain what that means, their eyes generally go wide in shock…

But for me, I love freediving. It’s something I’ve grown to love over the last several years, but when I think about it, here are all the reasons I love freediving.

1. Its a Powerful Natural High…

Seriously, the deeper you go, the more intense the feelings. As you push your body to the limits, you experience natural chemical reactions that anyone who has ever done an extreme sport will attest to. The endorphins that get released as your body fights and screams for air are the best natural high you can get.

2. It Gets You Closer to Marine Life…

Ok this one probably isn’t a real fact, but in my experience I’ve found animals are more inclined to come and take a look at you when you’re not completely decked out in SCUBA gear and are clanking and banging around, making bubbles and a whole heap of noise. When you’re freediving, it’s like you’re part of their world, not some alien visitor that’s geared up to venture into it. So they come check you out.

3. You Learn to Listen to Your Body

With every extra meter you dive, you need to learn to listen to your body, pushing past the physical and mental barriers that you’ve always thought would hold you back. You have got to stay perfectly in tune with your body, knowing when to dive deeper stretching for that elusive freedive personal best, or to cut your losses and turn for the surface. It’s almost like meditation, and one I’ve not found in any other sport. The silence, the calm, and the serentiy when you’re freediving is unparalleled in this world.

4. It’s sexy AF

C’mon I know you agree with me here. There’s something primal about pushing your body into uncharted waters, armed only with a pair of fins, a mask and maybe a speargun. You’re setting world records, you’re enjoying the natural world in one of the most eco-friendly ways possible, and you’re wearing a neoprene suit of armor, or perhaps just a sexy bikini and you’re all tanned and toned up. It is sexy AF.

5. You Learn to Breathe

One of the perks of freediving is breath control. Want to know what other form of exercise focuses on breathing? Yoga. But instead of being stuck in a dank smelly room, you’re exploring the depths of the ocean. And mastering breathing is a great way to manage stress, because while everything youy learn for freediving is designed to keep you underwater for longer, you can recycle these same breathing techniques when you want to regain a little control and calm in your life. Need to manage a screaming baby on a flight? Slow down, and breaaaaaathe.

6. You Meet Amazing People

Seriously. When you start meeting the other people this sport attracts, you’ll start networking and getting to know some of the most fascinating people in the world. These are people who have been living out their own person best lives for decades, and have a wealth of experience I can only ever hope to match one day.

7. You Get to See the World

Finally, and probably most importantly, is the destinations. When you’re jumping from spot to spot, you suddenly have direction. Instead of visiting the same old places that have been done to death, filled with millions of tourists a year, you’re exploring uncharted waters. Places only a few people have seen before, experiencing the world through your own eyes. It’s the perfect excuse to travel more.

And that’s it my lovvies. All of my favorite reasons YOU should start learning how to freedive today. If you’ve got your own reasons why, do tell me below, I’d love to hear about it!!

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